DPA 3552

DPA 3552
Kit micros compact omni avec 2 x 4052 appairés
The 3552 is a complete stereo kit with two carefully matched (within 1 dB) 4052 Compact Omni Microphones. Together with the accessories, this kit is designed especially for low profile mounting directly inside a piano.
The goosenecks can also be mounted directly on microphone stands for various A-B stereo applications such as a full orchestra in a concert hall, choirs and other ambient recordings. With the A-B stereo principle, time differences will act as stereo cues to enable the listener to "capture the space" in the recording, and experience a vivid stereo image of the complete sound-field with a full bass response.
The complete kit is supplied in a sturdy carrying case and includes 2 Gooseneck Mounts, 2 Magnet Bases for mounting on metal surfaces and 2 Nose Cones.The Nose Cone will give the microphone a perfect omnidirectional response across the whole audio frequency range.
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