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Ampli numérique Ethersound AUVITRAN

AuviTran’s AVP4-ES100 is a configurable dual 20W/8Ω or quad 10W/8Ω integrated stand-alone EtherSound digital power amplifier.

AVP4-ES100 is ideal for Public Address and Voice Alarm systems.

Build-in AVP4-ES100 parametric equalizers and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) allows speaker and room correction to enhance audio quality and intelligibility in any environment.

AVP4-ES100 is able to detect automatically priority announcement messages and switch on with selectable nominal value level output thanks to a smart automated software programmable trigger.

Speaker fault monitoring at any time allows remote and local alerts in case of speaker failure.

Standard RJ45 and fast-wiring connectors are available for EtherSound links, to make installation extremely easy and fast.

A set of 4 GPI and 4 GPO makes the AVP4-ES100 locally or remotely controllable.

GPOs connector are configurable to be used as standard RS232 interface or 150mW headphones output.

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