Embedder/Désembedder MIDI/RS vers MADI

D.O.TEC® EXBOX.MIDICOM is a compact MADI embedder / de-embedder for serial signals. Equipped with two optical MADI I/Os it can be looped into a bidirectional MADI connection. One serial signal and a MIDI signal can be processed (I/O) at the same time. All settings such as the embedder mode and the baud rate are accessible on the front panel of the device.

D.O.TEC® EXBOX.MIDICOM enables serial communication over MADI with an easy to use operating concept. 

D.O.TEC® EXBOX.MIDICOM enhances the application range of existing MADI equipment by adding control of remote devices (e.g. mic preamps, ...) to the system setup.

Bittransparent The embedder may be bypassed and the MADI signal passes the unit unaltered.

Zero latency The MADI signal is processed without latency between input and output.

RS-232 and RS-422/485 compliance The serial data is embedded in MADI user bits 1 to 9 and the process is compatible to the embedder used by Studer/Soundcraft. 

MIDI over MADI compliance The MIDI data is embedded in MADI user bit 56 and the process is compatible to the embedder used by RME.

Safe operation Two solid Hirose sockets allow to plug in up to two external power supply units or battery packs for safe operating conditions with redundancy.

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